Judy Q and The Zombies Vs. The Gods

by Devon
(United States)

It was a scary, gloomy day in the Underworld, like always but today was special. It was Hades Birthday! And for his Halloween birthday he wanted to have the most amazing party ever. Hades invited almost everyone on earth to the party. When Hades decided you could come he gave you a coin so you could bribe the boatman to bring you across the river of Styx to the underworld. All the gods came, including Zeus, and all the humans came. Almost everyone on earth was invited except the zombies. Hades knew that no one liked Zombies so he didn’t invite them. Eventually the zombies got so jealous they began to conspire against the party. The leader of the zombies, Judy Q, gave the announcements about the revenge by saying

"Ulcisci oportet"

All the gods at the party were having a great time. Hades ordered a Ferrari cake. His three-headed dog, Cerberus, pulled the cake out on stage. Everyone was having a good time, until they started hearing screams from the humans. It was the zombies. Judy Q yelled with the zombies,

“impetum facite!”

The gods saw the zombies come into the crowd and start ripping people in half and eating their brains. While the gods retreated; they heard the zombies yell,

“Potestis currere sed non potestis celare”

The god’s realized that they were still dressed in their costumes and were not prepared to fight off zombies. The gods retreated back to mount Olympus where they got changed into their regular clothes. Now they were ready to fight the zombies. The zombies followed them back to mount Olympus and said

Nos non timemus.

Non vultis nos pugnare

Before the Gods started to fight the zombies, Athena who is considered the most cunning god thought that instead of fighting themselves they could send the Greek and roman army instead. And that’s what they did. After three straight days the romans and Greeks killed 1 zombie while only 10 soldiers remained. The zombies said,

Homines possunt nobis nocere non.

Solum nocere dei possunt nobis!

The gods heard them and saw that they were the only ones who could fight this battle. So Zeus started throwing lighting bolts at the zombies. And Poseidon started killing those who went near water. They killed nearly every zombie while hearing them all say,


Judy Q the leader zombie told the others to take out their Ak-47’s and open fire and they did, as they were told. Before Cerberus attacked they said

“Certate usque ad mortem”

“Non omittere”

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