It's a bird, It's a plane, NO IT'S A ZOMBIE!

by venesa

It was a quiet and settle night in Mount Olympus, when the floor began to shake. The Gods took guard in fear that a storm was the cause of the shaking. As this “storm” proceeded, Jupiter, God of the Gods, met with his brothers Poseidon, God of the sea, and Hades God of the underworld. Jupiter, furious with not knowing the cause of the Storms, immediately began to blame Hades for storm and said it was Hades attempt to fear the other Gods. Little did Jupiter know that he was slightly correct, but Hades didn’t start the “storm” to fear the Gods, but to take away the thrown from Jupiter. In fact, it wasn’t even a storm, but a war that Hades has begun. He has conjured the dead in the underworld to come up to Mount Olympus and attack. But, Hades was going to soon find out that not everything goes the way it is planned.

Once the shaking ended, the Gods started to appear from their hiding and huddled towards a great hole in the middle of the town center. As the smoke started to vanish, shrieks from the Goddess’s filled the air as people started to run away from the hole. Jupiter, hearing the noise, rushed to the center. Out from the whole came thousands of zombies started to cluster Mount Olympus. As Jupiter gets closer to the hole, outcomes what appears to be the leader of the zombies named Chuck. Chuck approaches Jupiter and says, “Qui potens est omnis dux inferus? Olympo monte nos hic accipere!” Jupiter, enraged with Hades, zaps his lightning bolt into the air and declares war with hades and the zombies. Jupiter says to Hades, “If it’s a war you want brother, than it is a war you will get.”

Jupiter departs from Hades in a hurry to find Poseidon. The two then start to plan what they shall do when Jupiter realizes that he will call Minerva, goddess of wisdom and strategy, and Mars, god of war, in order to plan out how they will win the war. By the time Mars and minerva arrive, the zombies have already caused a lot of damage. The plan is for Minerva to distract the zombies while Mars gets his army ready to attack. As Minerva approaches the zombies, they attempt to attack her but she is too quick for them. When chuck, who is 50 feet away, see’s the zombies being distracted, he goes quickly to them. Once he arrives he yells, “Quid hic agitur! Nos in bello nunc! Quid vobis omnia turbante?” Then appears Minerva who says, “It is not something distracting them, but their lack of skill that will lead you to lose this war.” Minerva continues to criticize the zombies when Chuck bursts out, “Quod te facit putatis te vincere? Non est melior quam nos?” As the Two continue to bicker, the rest of the zombies grow annoyed. One of the zombies named Pete turns to Bob and says, “Hoc fit amet! Nec certare bellum!” All the zombie start to agree and leave Minerva and Chuck still fighting. As the two bicker more, they realize that they both are forming feelings for each other. Minerva convinces Chuck to call off the war and run away with her because zombie and God relationships are prohibited. Chuck agrees and seizes the attack. Hades, enraged, goes to chuck and questions why they are stopping. Chuck replies, “Amor est fortior bello. Non pugnabit hoc bellum!” Minerva and Chuck begin to run away as the other zombies, confused on what has just happen, look at each other. One says, “Nullum bellum?Sum fesus, et esurientus! Eamus ad inferos.” As they all departure, Jupiter, pleased with winning, comes down to the group. When he hears of Minerva running away with the zombie, he is enraged and sets out to destroy the relationship, but that’s another story.

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