How Zeus's Birthday Was Ruined

by Taryn

Zeus? birthday was right around the corner and his friends were busy making preparations for the event. His most recent wife was in charge of decorations and composed the rest of the guest list including a few more popular gods like Hermes and Ares. Zeus requested that only his two favorite children be present, Apollo and Persephone.

However, his wife Hera knew Zeus only wanted to invite Persephone because he wanted Ceres to make food for his soirée. She knew this because Apollo?s mother Leto wasn?t invited, nor were any other of his ?partners.? Zeus was so proud of Apollo and his achievement of being the God of Light. He was showing him off to all of his friends. Artimus wasn?t invited.

?Hermes, this is my boy Apollo! The god of light!?

?It?s nice to meet you again.? Hermes replied sipping his drink angrily then muttering something to himself.

Zeus assumed it was because the Seas of Diomedes recently devoured Hermes own son Abderus, but it wasn?t Hermes fault he had a weak son that he couldn?t survive. Just as Zeus was going to talk up his son to Ares he heard a sound from his garden.

?Quod nuptiae erat grandis. Nostra raptus erat fortunatus.? Zeus heard the two figures whisper.

He opened the screen door leading out the garden to scold the two party crashers and was met with a surprise.

?Ubi est Persephone?! Ipsa mustum cum nos venimus!? The zombies revealed themselves and Zeus stood still, trying not to show his fear. He knew the king of the gods couldn?t show fear against a few zombies.

?Why do you want my daughter Persephone??

?Ipsa mustum nos facimus tergum a inferi!?

?Wait a minute? Is it that time of year again? I can?t believe she would ruin my party by not telling me about this. ? Zeus fumed with anger. ?PERSEPHONE!?

?Whats up?? She said walking out from the house.

?The zombies are what?s up. This is outrageous!?

?Oh my god dad it?s not a big deal. I?ll just leave quietly so it doesn?t cause a disturbance.? Persephone said, but the zombies interrupted her.

?Id magnis partiri est! Hades est exspecto pro tu in inferi.?

?Who neglected to tell me about this?? Zeus questioned.

?I don?t know, my mother Ceres??

?Well you tell her mother that I am very upset with her, better yet let me do it myself. Give me your phone I will text her and you?re not getting it back until you return from the underworld.?

?This is so not fair! What am I going to do to entertain myself down there if I can?t text my friends??

?Hades habens exspectare pro tu in inferi. Quos quid non formosus. Tu mortalis!?

?You should really listen to these zombies. They understand my discipline.? Zeus replied.

The zombies grabbed Persephone and told her.

?Dicis tu mater quod tu videbitis eam in sex menses.?

Persephone said a heartfelt goodbye to her mother who cried with the thought of not seeing her daughter for six months. Then she said goodbye and went peacefully with the zombie to the underworld. This Persephone didn?t mind too much, as she was treated like royalty the whole time she was in the underworld, but there she was surprised to see Apollo?s mother Leto who had been taken from her wedding with Zeus.

?So that?s why she wasn?t at the party.? Persephone thought to herself as she took her chair as queen of the underworld for the next few months.

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