House Party on Mount Olympus

by Casey

'Twas the night before Halloween and all was quiet on Mount Olympus. Well... all except for the constant bickering between Apollo and Artemis, the loud noises coming from Venus' mouth, which she claimed to be singing, the drunken slurs leaving Bacchus' mouth and the constant shushing of Neptune over all the others. After Jupiter cheated on Juno for the umpteenth time, he promised her he’s a changed man and took her to Hawaii to renew their vows. Asking his brother Neptune to watch the children, they left for the weekend without a worry in mind. However, unknown to Jupiter and Juno, Neptune was the cool uncle and told the others, Apollo, Artemis, Bacchus, and Venus, that they could throw a house party so long as they kept it under control and kept the number of gods to a minimum. But, as everyone knows, this never works. An hour or so into the party, Neptune heard the party get really loud. He walked outside to see what all the fuss was about and all of a sudden saw zombies walking up Mount Olympus. “AHH!!” Neptune screams. “Apollo, Artemis, everyone come look,” Neptune yelled. However, unbeknown to Neptune, they were all drunk. “Salvete dei!” one of the zombies said. “Audivimus convivium habetis,” a different one said. “Sorry,” Neptune said, “This is invite only.” “Sed volumus habere gaudium,” spoke the zombie. Right as Neptune went to open his mouth Bracchus cut him off and asked the zombies, “Would you guys like some wine? I made it myself!” Over the yells of Neptune the zombies said, “nos delectate!” As Bracchus poured glasses and glasses of wine, he drunkenly told the zombies to tie up Neptune. “Hahahae Bracchus! Hoc est ridiculum,” a zombie said. After a zombies third glass of wine he said, “Ego amo vinum.” And another zombie said, “Labefactus sum.” All of a sudden, Neptune broke through the rope and duck tape and ran out of the closet, shutting the party down. “Everyone OUT!” he screamed. Sadly, everyone started to leave. “Revertemur mox!” the zombies said. “Yes please do, you guys are so much fun!” Bracchus said. “Ego sum tristis finis est gaudio,” a zombie said. As the gods were cleaning up the party, Bracchus said, “Neptune, I know you’re mad but look! I learned how to say something from them… Tu mihi gratisimus patruus!”


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