Halloween Party

by Avery

It was Halloween night on Mt. Olympus and the Gods were turning up. Aphrodite made everyone feel loved by having Cupid shoot love arrows left and right. Apollo was playing his lyre and everyone was dancing. Dionysus was supposed to supply the wine for the party but started drinking too early and forgot the bottles. Once Zeus found out about this he was so angry that he almost threw a thunderbolt at him, but Athena jumped to his rescue and defended him with her wise words. Aphrodite offered to go get some and went down to the city below. The Gods were becoming impatient as they sat in their thrones when they heard grumbling coming from below.“Vocem audit?” Interrogat Poséidon. “Audit est,” Respondet Ares. Ares jumps out of his throne and runs toward the window. “Videt! Sunt zombies scandere montem!!” This gets the attention of the other Gods and they run to the door. Zombies have forced it open and are coming into the throne room. “Cibum spectat delectamentum!” “Cibum non est!!!” Said the gods, “Attack,” said Ares. “Pulat deis cum pugnus suus,” respondet zombies. The Gods and zombies being to fight when Aphrotidite comes back with the wine. “Tuus est pulchra est!” said the zombies. They all fell in love with her instantly. “Te amo, ego potest osculari?” Aphrodite is so shocked that she can not speak. The zombies take the silence as a yes and all kiss her. But something strange happens after the zombies kiss her, they become human again!! “Nonego sum mortuus,” said one zombie. All the others agreed. The Gods invited the zombies to next years Halloween party and everyone was happy. “Ego autem mortuus sum non laetus.” Said the head zombie and they all nodded and RSVPed to the party.

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