Halloween Party

One dark night, the Gods were having a Halloween party. The zombies were upset because they weren’t invited. “Ego tristis sum,” said the master zombie. “Ego putavi nos amicos esse.” He wanted to crash the party, so he gathered a large group of zombies who would go with him. “Id est difficile iter.” The Zombies agreed to join the voyage, so they began to get ready.

They began their long journey to Mt. Olympus. They had to cross the Mediterranean, and little did they know, Poseidon was guarding it, protecting Mt. Olympus from intruders. When the zombies arrived, Poseidon was there to greet them.

“You may not reach Olympus”, said Poseidon.

Nos imus eo”, said the zombies in unison.

“No you are not! You will not intrude at the Halloween party!” And Poseidon sent huge waves crashing on top of the zombies, pulling two zombies back into the deep dark sea. “You will never make it to the party, zombies. By the time you reach the bottom of Olympus it will be deep in the night, and Diana will not be helping to guide you.”

Suddenly, as if someone were listening to the exact words of Poseidon, the setting sun completely disappeared.

The master zombie fell to the ground in sadness. “Cur Apollo? Cur?

Apollo had taken away the setting sun and the rising moon so that all was pitch dark. He was doing her duty to keep the zombies away. Now, they couldn’t see a single thing, therefore they were stuck in place.

The zombies sat down in place, frustrated because they couldn’t see. “Quid facimus nos nunc?” asked a zombie. “Nos exspectamus”, responded the master zombie. “Pro quo, magister zombie?” The master zombie didn’t reply.

Suddenly, they heard a weird noise. Out of nowhere, a candle had been lit, and a man with wings on his feet was right in front of them. “Hello, my name is Hermes. I have a message for you.” Hermes handed the message to the master zombie and held the candle over him to help him read it. The message read:




The master zombie was outraged by this message. Hermes, seeing the master’s anger, blew out the candle and disappeared into the dark.

The zombies began to attempt to walk around the sea, crawling on hands and knees feeling where they were going since they couldn’t see. “Nos non possumus deficere,” said the master zombie.

Out of nowhere, they came across what felt like a net-like structure that felt as if it were made of rope. “Quid nunc?

A loud echoed voice began talking “I am Demeter, the goddess of the wheat and harvest. I have tied all of the crops together, forming a net so you may not cross. Do not try to break the net, or else you will face serious consequences. Simply turn around and head back home.”

The zombies were looking around in shock; they couldn’t see a thing and had no idea where the voice was coming from.

Of course, being the dead heads they are, the zombies didn’t use their brain, and began tearing the crops apart, trying to make their way through. Within seconds, they all had been lifted off the ground and brought to a dark, scary place. They all looked around in horror saying “Ubi sumus, ubi sumus??” A deep bellowing voice answered back, “I am Hades, you’re master. Welcome to the underworld.”

The zombies never made it to the Halloween party. The gods/goddesses who they had not encountered had a marvelous time at the party, and never had to worry about the annoying zombies again. Hades took care of them from then on, and nobody ever saw the zombies again.

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