Halloween Night

by Emma Santulli

One Halloween night was not so typical in a Roman village. Hades, god of the underworld, was angry. He was angry because all the children in the village were dressing up as gods and goddesses for trick or treating. There were Poseidens, Helenas, Aphrodites, and of course Zeuses, but there was no Hades.

An upset and angry Hades released zombies from the underworld to wreak havoc on this Halloween night. “Hades eris!” screamed the zombies as they ran through the street. Little children trembled as the zombies shouted “nos timete”.

Zeus looking from Olympus was outraged with Hades and called all the gods to discuss what he had done. The gods came together and thought about what to do. Poseidon wanted to create a tidal wave that would wipe out all the zombies. Zeus points out that he would destroy everything. Aphrodite suggests getting along peacefully and loving each other. Zeus then replied that the zombies should be destroyed to stop the wrath of Hades. Hermes suggests sending a note to Hades and telling him if he does not recall his zombies the gods will attack and he will be punished. Zeus thinks this is a good idea but they need weapons in case they must take down the zombies by force. As Hermes went to deliver the message, Hephaestus made swords and armor for all the gods. He made steel lightning bolts for Zeus to take down the maximum number of zombies.

As Hermes flew down to the underworld, he could hear the screams of little children and the shouting from zombies “dulcia abscondatis” “semper eram”.

Hermes rushed down to the underworld and delivered the message to Hades. Hades took one look at the message and set it on fire. He became enraged at the idea of Zeus threatening him. He ordered all the rest of his zombies to come forward.

Vita vero domini?” the zombie muttered.

“Go up to the Earth and take down the gods” said Hades.

Domino volveris” the zombie cried as millions of zombies marched up to the Roman village. Thousands of zombies tore through the streets screaming “Ex pugnabimus vos faciemus” and “terrere vos”.

Zeus and the others saw this destruction and rushed down to fight the zombies. “This is war.” shouted Ares as the gods stormed the zombies.

Non timemus deos” one zombie shouted as he attacked the children.

Zeus threw a thunder bolt and only made a dent in the number of zombies. “Di infirmantis, di morientur” shouted the zombies and started charging towards the gods. The number of zombies engulfed the streets and the gods were outnumbered.

Hades waited from below and laughed as his zombies overtook the gods. Zeus saw the gods were losing and started to climb Mt. Olympus. He told the gods to retreat. The zombies cackled and rejoiced thinking they had won, but then Zeus pulled out one of his newly crafted lightning bolts. As hard as he could, Zeus plunged it into the swarm of zombies. A burst of light filled village and destroyed every zombie in its path.

The children rejoiced and ran through the streets praising the gods. Hades couldn’t believe his eyes. All of his zombies gone and the gods are as popular as ever. His plan failed and he was banished by Zeus from ever being part of Halloween again.

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