Hades expirement.

by Caitlyn

Caitlyn Best

“They're approaching!” Zeus yelled, “Prepare yourselves!”

The swarm of undead infected zombies were slowly making their way up Mt. Olympus. Zeus was left with very few Gods to fight. Including, his brother Poseidon, wife, Hera, daughter and son, Athena and Ares. Ares was jumping with joy, a zombie war was basically all he could ever want! They armed themselves with their weapon of choice, ranging from lightning bolt to dagger or shield.

“OPPUGNARE! OPPUGNARE!” They continuously chanted as they approached.

The zombies came to a stop. “Ili est multi amplus nos tunc”, one zombie shouted, “vos vodo non hac pugna vincat.”
“My fellow… er… zombies… you are sadly mistaken. You will truly understand our power if you do not surrender.”

That was the last thing said. They attacked. The zombies were easy to fight for the Gods, a zap of lightning, a rush of water, even a sword, they had no chance. However, there were over 1,000 zombies, and the Gods would eventually get tired.
“VOS PROTEGANT!”, the zombies were yelling from all directions, words of encouargement for each other. “PUGNAT, INFIRMUS EOS!”
No matter how many zombies the Gods killed, 500 more kept popping up. (Ah, reminiscint of the Hydra?)

After about 45 minutes of continuous war, something strange happened. They grew tired, and they needed energy. They slowed even more than before. Slowly their desire changed from power to hunger.
“Coricilum.” Their chants changed from encouragement to one focus, feeding. “Nos sun esurientem.”

The Gods were greatly confused as to what was going on. “Nos Ēsuriō” they muttered.

“mortuus vivens propera! Manducare nos coricilum!”

They became more aggressive, and they no longer were trying to kill the Gods, they wanted to eat them. They were going to bite arms, legs, anywhere they could get their decaying hands on. They were angry and they were using their last possible energy to survive.

The Gods were losing, until Hades shows up. A snap of the fingers and the zombies freeze.
“I apologize for the convenience. I was experimenting, and things got slightly out of hand. I will take them back with me. Again, I apologize for the damage.”
Hades turned to the zombies, and shouted, “Mecum veni!”
“Slightly out of hand? slightly?” Poseidon whispered under his breath.
The zombies filed into the hole in the ground Hades had created for them. One turned and said “Vole amicis! Habuimus iucundam tempus! Videre protinus!”
Some were carring extra limbs, eyeballs were popping out of their heads, some even had skulls open, but every single one had an eerie smile.
Again, they began chanting, “Hades est nos deus.”

Finally, Mt. Olympus was cleared. There was no threat anymore.

“Exspecto nam mihi!” and a zombie without legs used his arms to crawl into the hole to the Underworld Hades created. Somehow, the Gods felt bad that all his friends had left him behind, obviously they only cared for Hades. They weren’t the best soldiers, Hades had quite a bit of work to do.
“This is what happens when Persephone is gone for 6 months. THE MAN GOES PSYCHOTIC!” screams Hera.
Ares, with the final words on the battle, “I thought it was fun!”

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