Gods v.s. Zombies

by Alison
(New York)

It was a typical day on Mount Olympus; the sun was shining through an array of clouds, casting shadows on the Ionic columns. Zeus was practicing his aim by throwing lightning bolts at targets set up all around. He took hold of a bolt in his hand and struck it at a target. It hit the target with such force that it burned right through it.

“And that’s how you throw a lightning bolt.” He chuckled to himself.

Suddenly, without warning, Hermes entered the room. “Father, I’ve come with some big news!”

Zeus could hear the urgency in his voice and could see the terror in his eyes. “Well, on with it then son.”

“Right,” He started. “There’s a mass army of zombies heading our way. We don’t have much time. There was a reported incident of a Roman girl who was roaming the streets alone and the zombies got her. Apparently they keep chanting ‘Suum morsurus cerebra tuum.’ That doesn’t sound good, father.”

Zeus ran through all of the probable options that they had. He knew that they would probably be outnumbered by them, but he also knew that his children had great supremacy. “We need Artemis and Apollo.” He muttered. “Go get your mother, Hermes.”

And with that, Hermes was off. Just seconds later Hera entered.

“What is it Zeus? Hermes said it was urgent.”

“Well,” Zeus paused, searching for the right words. “There are zombies that are planning on eating our brains out and if we don’t take drastic measures, we’re not going to live to see tomorrow.” He watched the color drain from Hera’s face.

Hermes soared back into the room. “Father, I’ve forgotten to mention something that may help us defeat the zombies! Apparently, the zombies absolutely despise the sound of the Lyre. They cringe at the slightest sound of it. Eventually, they get so overwhelmed that they faint.”

“Then I know exactly what we must do! Go fetch Artemis and Apollo!”

And with that, Hermes was off again. Zeus knew the exact plan he had. He knew that Apollo would be able to overwhelm the zombies with his Lyre skills. And Artemis, being the goddess of the hunt, always had her bow and arrows and would be able to hit every single zombie and kill them instantaneously.

Artemis and Apollo rushed in and in unison said “What is it father?”

Zeus explained the whole ordeal to them and told them the plan. When he was finished, Artemis and Apollo both looked at each other and nodded. “We’ll do it.”

“If we want this to work, we need to take action right now.” Zeus proclaimed.

Everyone nodded and sprang into action. The trip from Mount Olympus took longer than expected. Hermes thought he better check out the scene so he sped ahead of the group to see how close the zombie’s were. In little time Hermes was back.

“Father, the zombies are getting angrier. They’re saying ‘Erant ventientem pro vobis.’ What are we going to do?”

“We can’t panic, Hermes. I have full faith in Artemis and Apollo.”

At last, they came face to face with the zombies. Hundreds of zombies lay ahead of them. “Ferre fortunam nos putas?”

“Don’t listen to them guys, we can do this.” Zeus encouraged.

“Nunquam nos vincere.” Said the head zombie. “Vos supernumeretur sunt.”

“We may be outnumbered, yes, but we’re strong and able to fight you.”

“Et quid facere disponitis?”

“THIS!” Shouted Apollo. And with that, he whipped out his Lyre and began playing music. The zombies faces dropped and they became distressed. “What’s the matter, you don’t like it?” Apollo joked.

“Nescio quid dicas.” Exclaimed one of the zombies. “Sentimus melior quam umquam.”

And with that, a whole group of zombies fainted. “It’s working, Apollo. Keep playing! And Artemis, do your thing!”

Artemis took her bow and arrows and shot each zombie. It was working! They were dying one by one.

The zombies that had been towards the back of the group stumbled forward and chanted “Volumus cerebella.” Over and over.

However, once they heard the sound of the lyre, they fainted and Artemis got them with her bow and arrows.

There was one zombie, however, that didn’t seem phased by the Lyre. Could this be a deaf zombie? Once every other zombie was dead, the one zombie remained, inching closer and closer toward the Greek gods.

“Dimitte me manducate!” The zombie shouted.

Before Artemis could draw her bow and arrow, the zombie got a hold of her. He started carrying her away. The Lyre, at this point, was useless.

“You lay your hands off my daughter!” And with that, Zeus grabbed one of the bow and arrows and shot it directly at the zombie. There was a split second where he wasn’t sure if the zombie was dead or not, but sure enough, it fell to the ground with a thud. Artemis was free at last.

“You saved me! How did you learn to do that, father?” She shrieked, giving her dad a hug.

“Well, I was able to get some target practice in earlier today!”

Everyone shared a laugh and began to trot back up to Mount Olympus. They were saved. The clouds cleared and the sun shone more than ever. All was well.

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