General Mohan goes for a stroll

by Ethan


Mr. Horan Latin 3

One fateful evening, on top of the gorgeous Mount Olympus, Apollo was rocking out to some Led Zeppelin while his friend Pan played along on his pan flute. Little did they know that in the dark depths of the underworld Hades was planning on revenge. Still angry at being forced to be ruler of the dead he planned on destroying Olympus forever using the undead. Being the only one of the current gods to speak the original language he called out to the zombies, “Venite huc zombies!” The general by the name of Mr. Mohan General Guy responded “Unus secundus dominus.” as the rest of the troops yell their battle cry “LeedleLeedleLeedleLee!”
“Tacete!!!” screeched Mohan as Hades rubbed his forehead in disgust. Almost immediately after hades commanded the troops to attack mount Olympus as Mohan yelled, “Venite zombies! Opugnamus Olympus!” The earth trembled and shook as the ground opened up spilling out thousands of the undead. Zeus, the king of the gods, upon seeing the zombies called the gods into action. Lightning bolts were hurled into the onslaught of the zombies by Zeus as Ares, with fire in his eyes, hurled himself into the oncoming army, slaughtering thousands. Upon seeing this Mohan sent his most trusted runt, James, into battle to challenge the powerful Ares saying, “Currit ad Ares et pugnat in caput.” James of course blindly obeyed the command and threw himself at the war god. As he punched Ares straight in the face the war god died on the spot and the zombies hailed James as a hero, “Dat Jamus gladius Arium.” Apollo perfectly clueless of this continued to rock out to some Foo Fighters. Mohan went off to call Hades yelling in his excitement “Veni dominu!!! nos Vincimus!!!” Eventually all the gods fell, except Apollo who ran away. The zombies laughed, “Hahahae Apollo un ignavus est.” Hades eventually arrived to find that all his brothers and sisters had been killed or captured and he wept….. For 5 seconds. He then jumped up and down for joy yelling on the top of his lungs “Olympus sordidus est hahahae.”

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