Feline Zombies

by Karen
(New York)

Feline Zombies

One stormy night as Diana was finishing up her hunting with her nomads in Mt. Olympus, she heard something strange in the woods. Diana sent two of her nomads Aemilia and Iulia to get a closer look.
Diana: Aemilia and Iulia go check what is in the woods!
The two nomads rush to the woods and start to hear moaning and purring. The nomads are frightened to find cat zombies purring in the woods.
Aemilia: What are you doing here? Who has sent you zombie cats?
Zombie cat: Mortui estis Aemilia! Mortuus omnis erit! Pluto deus est!
The zombie cat dashes out of the woods cutting off both Iulia and Aemilia’s neck killing them on the spot. Diana sees this happen and runs away as fast as she can to inform the others on Mt.Olympus that Pluto has sent evil zombie cats from the underworld and is fighting to be king of the gods. Aemilia runs to the top of Mt. Olympus and sees Jupiter sitting on his throne polishing his lightning bolt.
Aemilia: Pluto Veni cum zombies malus! Pluto socii nostrum non est!
Jupiter: Clamat Dei! Pluto non superare mei!
All the Gods are gathered at the palace of Mt. Olympus planning their defense from the zombie cats.
Juno: Regina audit dei! Bella contra Pluto est!
Mars: Bellum mia est! Ego vinco, deus bellum sunt.
Dei: Ayee!
The gods prepare themselves for the war against Pluto and his zombie cats. Meanwhile Pluto is making and the zombie cats are making their way up to the mountain.
Pluto: Audi feles, ferre gladius et scutum et occido dei!
Feles zombie: Eamus socii, dux pluto dictum habet.
The Cats have made their way up to the mountain and have the palace surrounded. They quickly make their way in and start eating all the servants, as they find the Gods.
Soon all the Gods are involved in a deadly and bloody war, trying to prevent themselves from getting overthrown by Plutos flee of zombie cats. There are many cats and the gods can not come up with a way to kill them all. Minerva has been observing from a far and notices that the cats weakness is fire.
Minerva: Possum occido fele cum ignis! Possum salvare dei!
Minerva throws matches all over the finghting front and sees all the cats bruning and poofing away!
Jupiter: Quid accidit? Fele mortui sunt!
Minerva: Ego regina sunt, ego salvavit Mt.Olympus non Jupiter. Jupiter regem improbo est.
After a vote Minerva becomes the queen of the Gods and Jupiter loses his position. The cats and Pluto are sent back to the underworld and everyone enjoys their halloween.

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