Elements of Latin Lesson 66
Adjectives of the Third Declension, Two Endings

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435. Adjectives of two endings are declined as follows:

omnis, omne (stem omni-, base omn-), every, all

Nom. omnis omnis omne omnēs omnēs omnia
Gen. omnis omnis omnis omnium omnium omnium
Dat. omnī omnī omnī omnibus omnibus omnibus
Acc. omnem omnem omne omnīs, -ēs omnīs, -ēs omnia
Abl. omnī omnī omnī omnibus omnibus omnibus


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Special Vocabulary

Latin Word Meaning Related Words
certus, -a, -um sure, certain ascertain, certify
cōgō, cōgere, coēgī, coāctus collect;compel, force cogent
commūnis, -e common commune, community
gravis, -e heavy; severe; weighty grave, gravity, gravitas
omnis, -e all, every bus, omnipotent, omniscient, omnivore
similis, -e similar, like simile, simulate, similarity

436. 1. Brūtus, prīmus cōnsul, suōs fīliōs in iūdicium vocāvit.  2. Brūtus eōs ad certam mortem dūcī iussit.  3. Fīliī cōsulis in1 salūtem commūnem cōnsilia capere incēperant.  4. Itaque coāctī sunt grave supplicium dare.  5. Brūtus erat certus amīcus patriae et omnia2 prō bonō pūbicō faciēbat.  6. Etiam Rōmānīs id grave supplicium nōn grātum erat.  7. Nōn omnēs Brūtō similēs esse possunt.  8. Rōmānī omnibus terrīs multa exempla virtūtis vērae dedērunt.

1 Against.
2 Adjective used as a noun. This usage is very common.

437. 1. The languages of Gaul and of Italy were not at all similar.  2. The wars which the Romans waged with the Gauls were long and severe.  3. The fortune of war is not always sure.  4. All men are compelled to defend the common safety, or the country cannot be preserved.  5. Our courageous soldiers with their swift horses will keep1 the violence of the enemy from our towns. 

1 prohibeō, -ēre.  


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