Elements of Latin Lesson 64
Word Formation

Ālīs volat propriīs — She flies with her own wings
Motto of the state of Oregon (Ite Anates! Go Ducks!)

424. Selecting the appropriate prefixes from §341, write a list of English derivatives from the following verbs. Define the derivatives, looking them up in the English dictionary if necessary.

putō agō habeō
moveō parō pellō
capiō pugnō teneō

425. Latin Suffixes. Many Latin words are formed from others by means of suffixes. Thus:

cīvis, citizen cīvitās, state
adveniō, come to adventus, arrival
capiō, take captīvus, captive
aequus, level aequō, make level
līber, free lībertās, freedom
magnus, great magnitūdō, greatness
pecus, cattle pecūnia, wealth
vir, man virtūs, manliness, courage

We see, too, that by the use of suffixes different parts of speech are derived from each other, such as verbs from nouns, nouns from verbs, nouns from adjectives, etc. Some of the suffixes are readily recognized and have a uniform and easily defined meaning. We shall study some of the more important ones later on (§§ 626-629). A knowledge of prefixes and suffixes will greatly increase our Latin and English vocabulary, as it will enable you to grasp the meaning of many words without consulting a Latin dictionary.

426. English Suffixes. Suffixes are equally important in English. Many of them are of Latin origin and have the same meaning as in Latin. As an illustration of the part that suffixes play in the making of English words, note the following combinations of port-, 'carry,' from Latin portō:

porter, portly, portage, portability, portable

Using prefixes as well, we get a much larger number: as,

comport unexportable importation
comportable exportation importer
deport exporter reimport
deportable reëxport report
deportation import reportable
deportment importable unreportable
export important reporter
exportable unimportant etc.


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