Elements of Latin Lesson 36
Present Indicative Passive of REGŌ and AUDIŌ

In mediās rēs — Into the middle of things
From Horace, Rome's greatest lyric poet

271. The present indicative passive of regō (third conjugagtion) and audiō (fourth conjugation) are inflected as follows:

regō, regere
(Present Stem: rege)
To rule

Person & Number Latin Word English Meaning Personal Ending
1st sing. regor I am (being) ruled -r
2nd sing. regeris / regere you are (being) ruled -ris or -re
3rd sing. regitur he/she/it is (being) ruled -tur
1st pl. regimur we are (being) ruled -mur
2nd pl. regiminī you (all) are (being) ruled -minī
3rd pl. reguntur they are (being) ruled -ntur

audiō, audīre
(Present Stem: audī-)
To hear

Person & Number Latin Word English Meaning Personal Ending
1st sing. audior I am heard -r
2nd sing. audīris / audīre you are heard -ris or -re
3rd sing. audītur he/she/it is heard -tur
1st pl. audīmur we are heard -mur
2nd pl. audīminī you (all) are heard -minī
3rd pl. audiuntur they are heard -ntur

a. Observe the changes of the final stem vowel -e in the third conjugation. It appears unchanged only in the second person singular: as, regeris or regere.


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272. Like regō, inflect the present active and passive of dūcō, vincō, and gerō.

273. Like audiō, inflect the present active and passive of mūniō.

274. 1. Tenēberis, dīcitur, habēbāminī. 2. Superābitur, mūniuntur, geritur. 3. Mūnītur, parābit, vincite.


Special Vocabulary

Latin Word Meaning Related Words
captīvus, -ī (m) captive captivate, captivity
fīrmus, -a, -um strong, trusty, loyal firm, confirm
ibi (adverb) there, in that place
praesidium, -ī (n) garrison, guard

275. Cum bella in Galliā ā Rōmānīs geruntur, castra eōrum lātīs fossīs vāllīsque altīs celeriter mūniuntur. Tum cōpiae ex portīs1 castrōrum ēdūcuntur, sed castra fīrmō praesidiō tenentur. Saepe Rōmānī proelia in mediīs silvīs faciunt, saepe diū pugnātur2; sed dēnique barbarī bonīs armīs Rōmānōrum vincuntur. Rōmānī magnum numerum captīvōrum capiunt. In numerō captīvōrum multī puerī puellaeque videntur. Captīvī ā Rōmānīs in Italiam indūcuntur. Ibi erunt servī miserī nec posteā patriam vidēbunt.

1 gates. 2 it is fought (impersonal)

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