Elilzabeth Bird

by Liz
(St. Louis MO, USA)

I teach Latin I-V and I am finishing up my dis. in history. Latin III-IV are courses for college credit or AP. Latin V is an independent study of author(s) or genre of the student's choice. Right now we use a combination of Wheelock and Fam. Rom. Since many of my students are now coming in with a severe lack of grammar skills, I have been thinking about requiring Familia Romana as the major text and using Wheelock as the ancillary. The issue with me is that we purport to be an AP driven and college prep school. Definitely my kids need a very strong background in grammar, syntax and the ability to both read and parse. I am looking for any ideas to bridge these gaps so that by level IV AP the girls can handle a semester of Caesar and a semester of Vergil and be ready to sit for almost 4 hours and take an AP Exam.


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