Elements of Latin
Benjamin L. D'ooge (1921)

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First Half Year

The alphabet and sounds of the letters                     Syllables, Quantity, and Accent

Lesson I
First Principles of Syntax
Lesson XV
Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns
Lesson XXIX
The Past Indicative Active of regō and audiō. Dē deīs Rōmānīs
Lesson XLIII
The Perfect, Past Perfect, and Future Perfect of sum. Dialogue
Lesson II
Inflection and Cases
Lesson XVI
Conjugation; Present Indicative of sum; Predicate Genitive of Possessor. Gallia
Lesson XXX
The Future Indicative Active of Third and fourth Conjugations. Thēseus et Mīnōtaurus
Lesson XLIV
Use and Inflection of the Perfect Indicative Active. Dē Curiō Dentātō
Lesson III
Forms and Position
Lesson XVII
The Four Regular Conjugations; Present Indicative Active of the First Conjugation
Lesson XXXI
Verbs in - of the Third Conjugation. Thēseus et Mīnōtaurus (Continued)
Lesson XLV
Principal Parts of Verbs. Dē Curiō Dentātō (Concluded)
Lesson IV
Number; Agreement of Verbs
Lesson XVIII
The Ablative Denoting with - Cause, Means, Accompaniment, Manner
Lesson XXXII
The Imperative Mood; Questions and Answers. Thēseus et Mīnōtaurus (Continued)
Lesson XLVI
Pluperfect Indicative; Principal Parts (Continued)
Lesson V
The Dative Case; Indirect Object; Predicate Noun
Lesson XIX
Past and Future Indicative of sum; The Preposition ē or ex. Dialogue
Present Indicative Passive of the First Conjugation. Thēseus et Mīnōtaurus (Concluded)
Lesson XLVII
Future Perfect Indicative and Perfect Infinitive Active; Principal Parts (Concluded)
Lesson VI
The Ablative Case; The First Declension
Lesson XX
Past Indicative Active of the First Conjugation. Britannia
Lesson XXXIV
Present Indicative Passive of moneō; Ablative of the Personal Agent
Review of the Active Voice
Lesson VII
Lesson XXI
Future Indicative Active of the First Conjugation
Lesson XXXV
The Past and Future Indicative Passive of the First and Second Conjugations
Lesson XLIX
Word Formation. Gallī Rōmam Oppugnant
Lesson VIII
Gender; Declension, Agreement, and Position of Adjectives; Predicate Adjectives. Galba et Lesbia
Lesson XXII
Present, Past, and Future Indicative Active of the Second Conjugation
Lesson XXXVI
The Present Indicative Passive of the Third and Fourth Conjugations. Dē Bellīs Rōmānōrum et Gallōrum
Lesson L
The Past Participle; The Passive Perfects
Lesson IX
Second Declension; Vocative Case
Lesson XXIII
Latin Order of Words
The Past and Future Indicative Passive of regō and audiō
Lesson LI
The perfect infinitive Passive and the Future Infinitive Active; Prepositions
Lesson X
Second Declension (Continued); Apposition. Dialogue
Lesson XXIV
The Demonstrative is, ea, id
The Present, Past, and Future Indicative Passive of capiō. Dē Lūdō Rōmānō
Lesson LII
The Conjugation of possum. Dē Mūciō Scaevolā
Lesson XI
Second Declension (Continued); General Rules of Declension; Questions. Dialogue
Lesson XXV
The Possessive of the Third Person
Lesson XXXIX
The Present Infinitive and the Present Imperative, Active and Passive
Lesson LIII
The Infinitive Used as in English
Lesson XII
Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions; Genitive of Nouns in -ius and -ium. Dialogue
Lesson XXVI
The Present Indicative Active of the Third Conjugation. Dialogue
Lesson LX
XL. Synopses in the Four Conjugations. Dē Malō Magistrō Lūdī
Lesson LIV
Word Formation. Dē Mūciō Scaevolā (Concluded)
Lesson XIII
Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions (Continued); Adverbs
Lesson XXVII
The Present Indicative Active of the Fourth Conjugation. Dē Castrīs Rōmānīs
Lesson XLI
The Ablative Denoting from - Place From Which, Separation
Lesson LV
Sentences and Clauses; Relative Pronouns
Lesson XIV
Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions (Concluded); The Dative with Adjectives. Īnsula Mārcī Nautae
The Dative with Special Intransitive Verbs.
Lesson LXII
Principal Parts; Verb Stems; The Perfect Stem; The Endings of the Perfect
Lesson LVI
Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives; The Ablative Absolute

Second Half Year

Lesson LVII Lesson LXXI Lesson LXXXV Lesson IC
Lesson LVIII Lesson LXXII Lesson LXXXVI Lesson C
Lesson LIX Lesson LXXIII Lesson LXXXVII Lesson CI
Lesson LX Lesson LXXIV Lesson LXXXVIII Lesson CII
Lesson LXI Lesson LXXV Lesson LXXXIX Lesson CIII
Lesson LXII Lesson LXXVI Lesson XC Lesson CIV
Lesson LXIII Lesson LXXVII Lesson XCI Lesson CV
Lesson LXIV Lesson LXXVIII Lesson XCII Lesson CVI
Lesson LXV Lesson LXXIX Lesson XCIII Lesson CVII
Lesson LXVI Lesson LXXX Lesson XCIV Lesson CVIII
Lesson LXVII Lesson LXXXI Lesson XCV Lesson CIX
Lesson LXVIII Lesson LXXXII Lesson XCVI Lesson CX
Lesson LXIX Lesson LXXXIII Lesson XCVII
Lesson LXX Lesson LXXXIV Lesson XCVIII

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