“Ecce Surgunt Mortui”

by Eric Rodriguez Ramos

The underworld was full. So Hades lord of the underworld gave back the lives to some of those condemned to stay in Eternal Darkness. So here came his evil plot against the Olympian gods. He told those that he set free that the Olympian gods were to blame for their demise. There was much anger within the army of the dead; they cursed the Gods for their demise. However within them, there stood one quiet, his name Demeter. He was possibly the one with the most impure soul, one of the most darkest, one of the most oldest soul in the underworld, the only one in the underworld who was truly punished by the gods, the one that had to be beaten by Zeus own hands.

Mortui: “Quid? Cui? Dei nostri castigare !!!???"

Demeter: “Tacete!!!!” (The others become silent as they hear his voice.)

Demeter: “Fratres mei, dei nostri improbi.”

Mortui: “Ita vero, Dei nostri improbi sunt, nos a dei castigare!”

Demeter: “Nos non timemus deos!! Sed dei timent nos

Mortui: “Ita vero!! Dei nostri oppugnat!!!

Demeter: “Dei ostri, ecce mortui ambulantes………….

So the dead ascended from the dark depths of the underworld, passed through the pits of fire in earth, then into the great bodies of waters, where they had to face Neptune god of the great seas accompanied by Hephaestus god of fire.

Neptune: “What is this feeling? I feel the presence of darkness approaching...”

Hephaestus: “Yes, I feel it too…”

Neptune: “What is this??(As he feels the ground in the bottom of the ocean rise)

Hephaestus: “It’s more like what are they…….”

Neptune: “ In the name of the gods STOP!!!”

Demeter: “Prohibire?? Nos Adiviunt??

Mortui: “ Non Prohibire………….non prohibire…….

Neptune: “You will not stop? Then feel the great powers of the ocean!!” (He uses the power of the ocean to push them back, but no use they still keep ascending)

Hephaestus: “Maybe this will stop them………..feel the almighty power of fire!” (uses the lava within the underwater volcanoes, but there army was infinite)

Neptune: “Theres too many, lets go warn the others before its to late..”

Mortui:”Quid?? Dei Timent…et current?"

Neptune and Hephaestus first met with Athena Goddess of War and wisdom, and inform her of what has happened.

Athena:”What?? This must be the work of Hades the only one with the power to release such evil from hell, we should report to Zeus and find a way to annihilate the dead; he is the one who can give us a higher chance at beating them”

Neptune: “Yes let’s go to Zeus…”

They go to Zeus, and Zeus hears what they have to say.

Zeus: “ha ha ha, what you could not handle a few mortals?”

Neptune: “But they are not mortal they are dead and not a few but an army…..”

Zeus: “Easier the task then, come with me...” (They go Down Mount Olympus, he sees the army of the dead marching up Mount Olympus)

Zeus: “Stop!!!!”

Mortui: “Minime!

Demeter: ”Nostri Dei Reprehendit!!” (Demeter commands the others to destroy the gods…but before they could do that Zeus lifts his hands….)

Zeus: “You dare come before my kingdom and say you hate us? I shall destroy all of you, Now face the power of your creator!!! (Light starts to form in his hand, so powerful some of the dead begin to disintegrate. Zeus releases all of his energy toward the dead….. and he wiped them all out in a matter of seconds, leaving no trace of any impureness that had entered his kingdom)

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