E Pluribus Unum

by Jillian McNamee
(Fox Lane High School Period 3)

The Zombie Army, which has finally reached 50,000 Zombies, chants “Pugna! Occide! Vive!” as they arrive to Mount Olympus. The Master Zombie organizes his troops for a final time, and reminds them of the purpose of their arrival -- they must kill Zeus to bring life back to all Zombies in Zombieland.

The Master Zombie eagerly waits at the base of the mountain while his troops explore Mount Olympus for Zeus. “Ego video Iovem! Is in silvis bestias venatur,” one Zombie chants to the group. The Zombie Army rushes into the forest in hopes to find Zeus, but instead they run into Artemis. Artemis, frightened by the Zombies, uses her bow and arrow to skillfully wipe out 10,000 zombies. In terror, the remaining zombies flee from the forest to escape Artemis, the goddess of hunting.

Flustered by what just happened, the Zombie army quickly regroups. “Si inveniemus Iovem citius, tunc fugiemus aliis a deis,” a Zombie says to reassure the group. “Continuo quaerite,” he adds.

The Zombie Army continues to search the mountain adamant about finding Zeus. In the distance, the Zombie Army hears music playing and decides to find where it’s coming from. Apollo, who was playing the lyre, greets the troops and invites them to a healing session. Before the healing session could begin, Hermes arrived with a message to Apollo from Artemis. Artemis sent out a message to all gods on the mountain warning them of the zombies. Apollo, knowing this information, returns to the group of Zombies trying to seem unknowledgeable of the situation.

“Shall we begin?”, Apollo says to the group. He instructs them to close their eyes, and as the last Zombie closes its eyes he grabs his bow and quiver and destroys 13,000 Zombies before he runs away.

The remaining 27,000 Zombies open their eyes in dismay. The Zombie Army has now been reduced to almost half it's original size, and the troops need to restrategize to conquer Zeus. One Zombie suggests “Quaerimus singuli. Optimus Zombie Iovem occidat!”, but the other Zombies quickly dismiss the idea. Another Zombie offers Nos dividimus in greges et quaerimus in aliis Olympi regionibus,” and this idea seems reasonable to everyone.

10,000 Zombies march away from the larger group with less eagerness than before, and quickly become distracted when they see doves and sparrows flying above. They followed the path of the birds flying overhead, and stop when they are lead to a garden. The birds land on the ground they swarm around Aphrodite, and she sees the Zombies in the distance and welcomes them. The Zombies are compelled to her and say to one another, “Ea pulcherior quam alia femina est.” Aphrodite’s beauty was so overwhelming that it killed the Zombies to even look at her.

The remaining 17,000 troops wandered down to the Atlantis, because they couldn’t find Zeus anywhere on the mountain. Poseidon curiously watches from the water at the Zombies walking along the coastline, and mistakes them for sea monsters. He thinks they are going to bring trauma to his people, and uses his godly powers to pull them into the ocean and drown them. In satisfaction he twirls his trident, but little does he know he forgot to kill one of the Zombies.

There is one surviving Zombie in the Zombie Army and it is determined to conquer Zeus and obey the orders of the Master Zombie. While wandering Mount Olympus, the Zombie sees a goddess in a gloake adorned with the head of the gorgon. The Zombie is timid at first, but this time it doesn’t think she will kill him. The goddess turns out to be Athena, who approaches the zombie and asks, “What brings you to Mt. Olympus?”

Si occidi Iovem, tunc mihi vita erit," the Zombie responds tiredly.

“Are you alone?” Athena looks around after asking it.

Ego solus zombie qui vivit in Mt. Olympo, ceteri mortui sunt.” says the zombie.

Athena considers the situation and comes to reason with the zombie, “If I grant you your life back, will you not kill Zeus?”

Athena grants the Zombie his life and saves Zeus, the welfare of the Romans, and everyone lives happily ever after. “Ubi mei zombies sunt?” the Master Zombie asks himself.

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Nov 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Jillian i loved your story it was so interesting! And your Latin was really good too.

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