Denise Barrett

I teach Latin I and II, AP Language and Composition, and English IV at a private Christian School in North Carolina.(I am a Literature/Grammar teacher by training.) My background in Latin is limited to three semesters in college. Last year (a lot of years after college) my principle overheard me talking about taking Latin in college and assigned me a Latin I class using Bob Jones Latin I for Christian Schools! I almost quit. This year I have Latin I again and Latin II. (I could not leave my Latin II students with no credit for foreign language.)I am still stuck with the same Latin I texts, but I did get Lingua Latina Pars I (with the Visual Latin videos)for my Latin II students. My goal is to finish Pars I by Christmas and then purchase Pars II myself to have them where they need to be by the end of the year. I spend all of my time studying Latin. Any guidance you could give would be welcomed.

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