Catullus 51

by Daniela Gioffre

I believe that this poem is about how Catullus feels about Lesbia when he first catches sight of her. To me, it seems like it was love at first sight, and he was breathless and it seemed like there were butterflies in his heart, when he first saw her. She was so amazing to him that his ‘lingua sed torpet’ and he was left speechless because he was so astonished by her beauty.

He felt that the man who was sitting next to her ‘deo videtur’, was as lucky as a God, because he had the great opportunity of sitting next to something so amazing. Catullus was jealous of this man because he is so close he can listen to her sweet voice and lovely laughter so clearly. Lesbia has left such a stunning impression on Catullus that he was all she thought about and saw. He was left completely mesmerized up to the point where all he could hear was buzzing because he just blanked everything out of his life except for his sweet Lesbia. He feels that he is close to death because since he now saw something so wonderful, that made him feel like he never felt before, his life is now complete.

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