Answers: Midterm Practice
Derivatives & Grammar


11. The people convened in the garden.
a) came together
Any form of venire

12. She was at the party, but she didn’t imbibe any alcohol.
d) drink
Any form of bibere

13. The food at the Roman cena was delectable:
a) pleasing
Any form of delectare

14. The president lauded the actions of the heroic soldier.
b) praised
Any form of laudare or laus, laudis

15. Magellan is said to have circumnavigated the globe.b) sailed around
Any form of navigare or navis


16. Marcus et Sextus erant __________.
c) amici
Masculine, plural, nominative

17. Feminae, __________ in Foro ambulant, sordidae sunt.
a) quae
Feminine, plural; nominative

18. Lanius __________ leporem vendidit.
c) psuedolo
Dative, indirect object

19. Pater cibo bono __________.
a) delectatur
Singular subject, singular verb

20. Servi et ancillae __________ semper laborabant in agris.
d) Cornelii
Genitive of possession

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