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Teach and Learn Latin Quarterly, Issue #001 -- What should students learn in the first year?
September 19, 2012

The First Half-Year is Here!

See how much American students learned a hundred years ago - in HALF a year. Yes, the first 56 lessons represent HALF of the first year.

If you would like to join me is using this text this year, each lesson is linked to a .pdf of the exercises - Just print and copy for your students.

Last year, my students finished 37 lessons. (Of course, they also managed 12 chapters of Lingua Latina: Familia Romana, a few cultural projects, and some independent reading.)

My goal was to reach lesson 40, in which the students beat the bad schoolmaster of Falerii back into town.

We didn't make it, but now that is a nice hook for the fall.

Featured Project

Do you like to get students on stage acting out plays in Latin.

Here is a short project keyed to chapter 3 of Lingua Latina: Puer Improbus, although it can be adapted to any text you are using.

When they have mastered the whole chapter, instead of a test, I let them get creative writing their own scene. They love acting it out and reciting their lines.

What I'm really grading here is pronunciation. The purpose is to standardize Latin pronunciation for our class - we use American classical.

Vocabulary For Lingua Latina Chapters 1-12

Lingua Latina 01: Imperium Romanum

Lingua Latina 02: Familia Romana

Lingua Latina 03: Puer Improbus

Lingua Latina 03: Singular Verbs

Lingua Latina 04: Dominus et Servi

Lingua Latina 05 Plural Verbs

Lingua Latina 05: Villa et Hortus

Lingua Latina 06: Prepositional Phrases (SID P SPACE)

Lingua Latina 06: Prepositions (SID P SPACE)

Lingua Latina 06: Via Latina

Lingua Latina 07: Puella et Rosa

Lingua Latina 08: Taberna Romana

Lingua Latina 09 Pāstor et Ovēs

Lingua Latina 09: Pastor et Oves

Lingua Latina 10 Bestiae et Homines

Lingua Latina 11 Corpus Humanum

Lingua Latina 12: Miles Romanus

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