by Jake Cohen

It was a beautiful day on the Mediterranean, as Leonidas led his ship from his home city of Sparta to Athens. Leonidas and the other 299 soldiers of his had the intentions of trading with the people of Athens. Although, this may be surprising due to the past clashes between these two cities, it was not unusual for them to trade amongst each other.

One soldier called to Leonidas, “Quam diutius?” as it became clear that the soldiers were growing very tired.
“Centum milia passuum sunt,” replied Leonidas.
The Greek gods on Mount Olympus favored the city of Athens, so they did whatever they could to protect the thriving city. Neptunus, god of the sea, noticed the ship full of Spartan soldiers. Recognizing the threat they brought to the city of Athens, he immediately made the trip to Mount Olympus.
“Brother, there is a ship filled with Spartans heading in the direction of Athens,” Neptunus said to Iupiter, the God of all gods.
“Sink them immediately,” replied Iupiter angrily. Neptunus sunk the ship in a matter of minutes, leaving the 300 Spartans dead.
Pluto, God of the Underworld, has been living behind the shadow of his big brother Iupiter, which has made him greatly despise all of the Gods and Goddesses on Mount Olympus. The jealousy of his brother is so large that he wishes one day he could be the God of all gods. Suddenly, Pluto sees the 300 Spartan soldiers that have entered the underworld and notices that it was Iupiter who ordered for them to die.
Pluto catches the eye of Leonidas and motions for him to come closer. Leonidas gets closer and Pluto says “if I send you and your troops up to Earth, you would need to do me a favor? I would need you to take over Mount Olympus, so that I could become the God of all gods. The only consequence is that you all would become zombies, but wouldn’t you like to get revenge on those that sent you here?”
Leonidas thought about this deeply, and came to the conclusion that it was worth fighting the gods, even though they only had an army of 300. “Consentimus consilio tuo,” said Leonidas.
Leonidas led his 300 Spartans zombies into Mount Olympus and proved to be a threat to the Gods.
“Look! Zombies!” screamed Venus, the goddess of love.
“Mars, assemble your army. Gods, prepare your weapons for battle.” Iupiter ordered.
Leonidas and his army of zombies finally reached the gates of Mount Olympus. “Prepare por bello! Nocte in infernum morimus!” yelled Leonidas with a large amount of pride.
The zombies stormed through the gates and started slaying any God they saw. These zombies were very skilled warriors, as they had been taught how to fight in Sparta, a city based on warfare. Iupiter, sitting back in his throne was extremely surprised to see his Gods fall one by one to the zombies. Even Mars, the God of war, was destroyed.
The zombies circled around Iupiter, as he was the only God that hadn’t been eliminated yet.
“Bellum finis est,” Leonidas said.
“Well done, zombies. You have definitely proven me wrong, but the war isn’t over yet.” responds Iupiter.
“Amicis tuis mortuus sunt,” said Leonidas angrily.
“They may be dead, but you must still go through me if you want to reach the throne.”
Iupiter lunges towards Leonidas and pushes him on the ground. Then, as Leonidas is struggling to get up, Iupiter takes out his lightning bolt and is ready to strike Leonidas at any moment.
“Auxilium! Auxilium, amabote!” yells Leonidas, but the zombies are in too much shock to help their leader.
Iupiter winds his lightning bolt back and screams, “you must die!”
Suddenly, Pluto rises from the ground and stabs Iupiter with his pitchfork, all before Leonidas is struck.
“Pluto, gratias ago,” says Leonidas with much relief.
“No, thank you Leonidas,” says Pluto. “Because of you, those dirty gods can’t tell me what to do anymore. You 300 soldiers are so brave that you will all be rewarded.”
“Non necesse est,” says Leonidas humbly.
“Leonidas, I thought about it and I wish to stay in the underworld, that is where I belong. I am naming you God of all gods and your fellow soldiers may live here on Mount Olympus.”
“Gratias ago, Pluto. Regnum Sparta vocabitur,” says Leonidas gratefully, making it clear that he would like his entire kingdom to be named Sparta.
Pluto returns back to the underworld and Leonidas turns to his army. Very emotional, he raises his sword in the air and yells “hoc Sparta est!”

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